1. Listen to: Wool by Big Ups

  2. Nice work by Cina Associates.

  3. Ignant is a daily source of inspiration for me and they are on a roll this morning with some excellent imagery. 

    Photo from We are Tiny by Randy P. Martin.

  4. Traffic Lights by Lucas Zimmermann (via)

  5. Inspiring. Stay young.


  6. "Nothing is a mistake. There’s no win and no fail. There’s only make."
    — Rule 6, Immaculate Heart College Art Department Rules (via)
  7. Fantastic, funny short on DFA. I can’t believe I’m just watching this for the first time.


  8. "Don’t worry about problems that you don’t have. Don’t overthink and overplan."
    — Richard Greiner (via)
  9. Sometimes you hit a dry spell. Sometimes you crawl out of it.


  10. "

    But you see, this is life.

    Really start to think about that.

    Understand that this is it.

    It won’t ever get easier, it will only start to fade away.